Our team


The beating heart of arc. We’re a tight-knit bunch and we all love working together.
Marvel at our achievements, laugh at our jokes, cower in fear at our faces.

  • Jason Dooley

    Jason Dooley

    It’s been 15 years since Jason decided to leave big agency life and go it alone by forming Arc, and he’s never looked back. Jason provides leadership, creative guidance and a constant whistled soundtrack to the working day. He is an unending source of original ideas and his insight keeps the team motivated to be the best.

    A keen golfer and gym-goer (in his head), Jason cites listening to Radio 1 as the secret to his youthful exuberance.

  • Sarah Harwood

    Sarah Harwood

    Arc’s Finance Director, Sarah is our figures whizz and along with Jason, steers the company forward. Day-to-day, Sarah’s presence can mean only one thing – Jason’s receipts are required.

    Out of work, Sarah has a busy life taking care of her family and, in-between placing orders on Amazon, finds time to visit Bluewater for some face-to-face retail therapy.

  • Dan Mason

    Dan Mason

    As the youngest member of our design team (!?!), Dan brings with him cutting-edge knowledge of the latest design trends and techniques. As a father of four, he also brings with him a hollow-eyed, faraway expression and need for caffeinated beverages. A stickler for morning coffee / afternoon tea, any deviation from this convention can cause serious disorientation.

    An obsessive skateboarder and American football player (20 years ago), Dan now makes do with watching it on TV and wearing old-school skate t-shirts. He’ll show you his helmet if you ask him.

  • Stuart Masters

    Stuart Masters

    Our elder statesman with a penchant for flamboyant shirts, Stu is our visualizer extraordinaire. With his gift for illustration, and with even the vaguest of briefs, he can make beautiful things appear. If Stu can’t draw it, it can’t be drawn. Before coming to Arc, Stu worked on projects for clients such as Barclays and British Rail.

    Stu is a huge Gillingham FC supporter and can often be found on the terraces on a Saturday afternoon. Despite this, he loves his football.

  • Glenn Murphy

    Glenn Murphy

    Bolstering our Business Development team, sport-mad Glenn’s motto is “customers are very hard to get, but very easy to lose”. That’s why he will bend over backwards to make sure you’re happy.

    At weekends he likes to take it easy, by splitting time between traveling to watch Leicester City play and organising, coaching and playing centre-forward in a Sunday League football club. Always understated, he drives a bright red Mini Cooper with a Union Jack on the roof. Glenn loves cooking hot curries and hates decorating.

  • Ryan Ansley

    Ryan Ansley

    Brimming with youthful energy, Ryan is our business development dynamo. Not only does he have a keen head for sales, but he also boasts a graphic design degree, making this his ‘too good to be true’ role.

    Ryan loves football and his passion for boxing has given him a self-disciplined approach to life. That said, he has such an intense phobia of open water that he can barely sit through Finding Nemo without a cushion.

    He once mistook Rod Stewart for Mick Jagger, much to the former’s annoyance.

  • Brave Little Tank

    Brave Little Tank

    The team at Brave Little Tank are our digital marketing specialists. They are digital wizards. They’ve been to the cutting edge, peered over it and liked what they saw. Their core aims dovetail neatly with ours in that they strive to help growth-oriented companies meet their objectives by designing beautiful experiences.

    It’s just a short walk from our studio door to theirs, so they’re on hand for meetups any time.

    From left to right: Chris, Maddie, Anthony, Jo and Steve.