Collaborating once again on this year’s digital annual report for Phoenix Community Housing has been a hugely rewarding challenge. We’re delighted with the outcome, and feel this report really sets our client apart from others in their sector. Being awarded this project again is a solid endorsement of Phoenix’s faith in arc’s ability. We’re proud to help Phoenix continue to do their important work.

Jason Dooley, Creative Director, arc

Phoenix Community Housing


Phoenix is a not-for-profit resident-led housing association in the Bellingham, Whitefoot and Downham areas of south Lewisham, London.

They are the first housing association in London to use the Community Gateway approach, which empowers tenants and leaseholders to take a central part in decision-making and to become shareholding members.

What we did:

Returning to our studio for a second year, the Phoenix annual report was to continue and build upon the success of their “digital first” strategy put in place in 2014.

We were briefed to create a report based around a map which further developed last year’s “walk through” the boroughs where Phoenix operate. It was important that we retained the inclusive, community-focused tone and avoid a run-of-the-mill brochure-style solution. A large fold-out document was produced with a richly retailed bespoke map on one side and the report content and financials on the other. Working alongside our digital partners at Obvious Group, we developed an innovative interactive online version of the map which gave users the ability to add to the data already displayed by highlighting local services and locations to become features themselves.

See the online version in action here.