Branding a new Garden City

We’re proud and excited to announce that we’ve recently completed the phase one branding for the 21st century’s first new garden city at Ebbsfleet, in North Kent. It will be applied to launch material and documentation, appear on signage around the development and be used by developers and partners on their collateral too. Roll-out will continue over the next few years as the development grows in scale.

Feedback so far has been extraordinary, with praise for our work from the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation:

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Arc. We wanted a design that captured how significant the Ebbsfleet Garden City project was and in particular how its location was a unique selling point. The team came up with a bright, modern design that not only was exactly what we wanted but was immediately approved by the private landowners and house builders who will now be using it. One managing director of a major house building company was so impressed he said he would incorporate the design into his own brand immediately.

Nothing was ever too much trouble, they had an extremely fast turn-around time and the whole process from concept to a brand guide was completed with the utmost professionalism. They didn’t just meet deadlines they exceeded them.

Their work will now become a lasting legacy of Ebbsfleet Garden City as the brand is used across all development sites and will be adopted into street signs, meaning generations of people will see the strong, bold design they created.

Mark Templeton
Head of Communications
Ebbsfleet Development Corporation

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